Into the Mythica Paper, January 11th, 2022

Veronica Goodchild, PhD

Abydos Egypt: Ancient Healing Temple and Mystery School, whose origins go back to Atlantis and beyond.

“The soul comes from the stars and returns to the stellar regions.”  C. G. Jung


Egypt is about going to the source, the source, and the source inside yourself, your own wellspring, your original self, the one you are and have always been. So, the journey is about clearing the rubbish and debris that obscures who you really are, so that you can begin to experience – again – the countenance, the face you had before you were born, yourself as presence, as a unique spark of divinity.

A pilgrimage to Egypt, like most journeys, begins before it begins. Some voice, disturbance, synchronicity, intuition, dream, etc., lures you there – often it feels irrational yet nagging, insistent, perhaps even urgent….

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