A Mystical Journey to the Sacred Sites, July 2023, with Amarpal Kaur Sohi, “Treasure and Transformation in the Ritual of Pilgrimage.”

The Golden Grail: The Rise of the Magdalene Witches, June 2023, with Eimear Stassin, “The Magdalene Mysteries and the Path of the Blue Rose: How the Celestial Grail Codes are helping us to Awaken today.”

Caritas Consciousness Project, 18th February 2023, with Gloria Coehlo, “Reweaving our Bond with Earth and Stars.”

The Art and Science of Shamanism, 16th February 2023, with Celine Roche, “The Healing Power of Vision and Nature: Where Shamanism, Mysticism, and Jung’s Psychology of the Depths Converge.”

The Language of Soul: Aligning Ourselves with our Truth for Healing of Self, Community, and Planet, 8th February 2023, with Veselka Nikolova, MD, “From Earth to the Stars: Crop Circles, UFOs, and our Multidimensional Nature.”


Forecast Event 2023, 2024, 2025, November 2022, with Jocelyn Starfeather, “UFO Encounters, Crop Circle Mysteries, and the Recovery of our Stellar Origins: A New Emerging Worldview.”

Crop Circle Online Conference, October 2022, with Karen Alexander, “Crop Circles as Oracular Portals.”

Gaia’s Oasis, April 2022, with Maya Zackarow, “Connecting to the Soul of the Earth: The Sacred Art of Pilgrimage.”

Wounds to Wings, March 2022, with Blanca Vergara, “We Come From the Stars: Our Galactic Heritage.”

Into the Mythica: Wisdom and Secrets from our Primordial Past, 
January 11th, 2022, with Jocelyn Starfeather, “Abydos Egypt: Ancient Healing Temple and Mystery School.”


Aquarian Wisdom Conference, May 2021, with Jocelyn Starfeather, “Synchronicity and Non-local Oracular Knowing.”


Crop Circle Online Conference, September 2020, with Karen Alexander, “Crop Circles and the Mystery of the Grail.”


Earth, Climate, Dreams, 2017, with Bonne Bright, PhD, “Dreams, Synchronicities, and Our Relationship to the Earth.”