Dreaming with Polar Bears by Dawn Brunke
Veronica Goodchild, PhD
May 21, 2014

This book is the remarkable story of one woman’s journey over many years to a deep connection with the Polar Bears of the Arctic North. Dawn Brunke, already experienced in human-animal communication, becomes a “bear person” who shares the dreaming of polar bears by entering their awareness – often lucidly – in dream, vision, and waking reality, to learn directly from them the wisdom teachings they hold for humanity at this critical time of planetary evolution. Weaving the mythology and history of polar bears with direct encounters with them in the dreamtime, the author takes us on a remarkable journey of transformation. We learn

  • about our common awareness with all living beings from stones to stars, seals to polar bears, and in this shared awareness we can engage the universal language of Life;
  • how animals are preparing themselves for earth changes, to consciously awaken, and to assist humans in awakening to all levels of awareness so that we can become a United Planet of Beings;
  • about the Polar Bear Council, a group of spirit bears who invite human people to engage deeper and more authentic relationships with the earth and with all creatures. Found in giant snow caves yet miraculously sourced in cosmic space, the Polar Bear Council helps sustain the energy grid of the planet and are gatekeepers of the magnetic poles. The Council members are mediators and bridge builders between worlds, connecting off-world energies with energies of beings deep in the earth, lifting their consciousness heavenward to be in communion with the Star People;
  • about Dawn’s connection with spirit bear, Bering Strait, a special guide whose specific task is the co-evolution of the planet through shared dream space and teachings given to the author;
  • about the Polar Bear People who dance in the sky sometimes glimpsed as the Northern Lights, and who live on another planet in the region of Polaris, the North or Pole star (which apparently is shining much brighter in recent years!);
  • how to walk with our whole being in the ways Polar Bears walk in order to “align your body with the meridians of the earth, your thoughts with the patterns of the stars,” to be in touch with the Deep Self, and to enjoy the necessary solitude that fosters a deep connection to the Spirit of the Earth;
  • that human beings are the endangered species, and that rather than fearing global warming we need to learn once again how to love and honor our home planet and to co-operate with its many creatures in different dimensions;
  • how to awaken our senses to embrace the messages of smell, sound, and vibration to enter into a reciprocal rapport with the messages from the Earth.

When I first read Dawn’s words: “I met the Polar Bear Council, a group of spirit bears who served as guides, facilitating shared dreaming as part of planetary evolution. They spoke of special teachings that polar bears hold for the earth, what Native peoples call Polar Bear Medicine: the ability to consciously dream…,” I got shivers up and down my spine as I knew this to be true, like a resonant ‘calling card’ or message deep in the tissues of my soul, awakening me to the mystical realities of the sacred and hidden history of our Earth. We need these special teachings and ancient truths again today. In Dreaming with Polar Bears, Dawn has taken time to listen and to listen deeply to what has called her. She helps us to awaken, to open our being, to recover the sacred covenant of our vocation as custodians of planet Earth, and as co-creators and co-dreamers with the many beings on, below, and above our Earth, of a new dream sourced from the heart.

I cannot think of a more important message for our time.

Veronica Goodchild, PhD, is Core Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute where she teaches Jungian and Imaginal Psychology. She is the author of Eros and Chaos: The Sacred Mystery and Dark Shadows of Love (2001, 2008), and most recently, Songlines of the Soul: Pathways to a New Vision for a New Century (2012). In the fall of 2013, Veronica felt the Earth calling and undertook a pilgrimage walk along a small part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostella, in France called Le Chemin, a journey that changed her life.