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“There are certain moments in the history of cultures when changes in perception occur with such dramatic effect that one can speak of a paradigm shift out of which emerges a new way of understanding life, death and the meaning of both our personal and collective destiny.  These are often times of great confusion as the old dies and the new only slowly reveals itself.  At such times it is good to have a guide, and Veronica Goodchild presents herself in this book as a guide with a clear understanding of what must replace our old perceptions of the universe and our place within it.  Combining deep insight into the nature of the new with examples from the lives of real people Veronica compiles an impressive overview of the direction of human evolution, as experiences of UFOs, synchronicities, crop circles and other forms of non-ordinary perception force us to reexamine the nature of the universe we live in.  This book is a gift to those seeking to understand and to participate in the amazing diversity and richness of life on both the material and spiritual planes.”

—Dr. Jeffrey Raff, Author and Jungian analyst from Denver, Colorado.
Jung and the Alchemical Imagination (2000);
The Wedding of Sophia: The Divine Feminine in Psychoidal Alchemy (2003);
The Practice of Ally Work: Meeting and Partnering with Your Spirit Guide in the Imaginal Realm (2006).

“This truly wonderful book takes us into the new era announced by science with
the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. Goodchild acts as guide, taking us beyond the limitations of rational thinking into unrecognized subtle dimensions of reality, helping us to reconnect with the forgotten pathways of the soul.”

—Anne Baring, Jungian Analyst, author of The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul and co-author of The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image

“A stunning achievement. I am on my second read through and still do not feel I have plumbed its depths. Here is a book that I resonate with so highly with that it has on occasion brought me to tears. It will now sit on a very special shelf in my bookcase with a small, but choice, selection of others that have become my indispensable guides to the birthing of this new state of consciousness through which we are all living.”

—Karen Alexander, co-author with Steve Alexander of Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries, and The Crop Circle Yearbooks

“Veronica Goodchild has written an important counter to the oppressive scientism that tends to silence our connection to dimensions of reality that are not readily amenable to empirical study. She shows us that there is a subtle More to reality than we have been led to believe, and she introduces us to these mysteries in a provocative and scholarly manner. As we read this book, the universe suddenly becomes deeper and more intriguing than we could have imagined.”

—Lionel Corbett, author of The Religious Function of the Psyche, Psyche and the Sacred, and The Sacred Cauldron: Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice

“As Veronica Goodchild picks up her alchemical stone, the veins in the stone come to life and her illumined eye and finely tuned mystical soul find their way to the page with these visionary mysteries, and Songlines of the Soul is born. An alchemical mystical treatise, Songlines takes us on an extraordinary journey into realms of the imaginal that expand our consciousness and our map of reality. Goodchild’s keen intelligence and visionary capacity hunt and track down patterns of fundamental mysteries about the nature of the psyche and psychoid that take us into phenomena on the edge of consciousness that knock at the doors of the known world : Mystical Cities, UFOs, crop circles to name a few. Anyone interested in depth psychology and the mysteries of our times will get a vast drink of the living waters of the psyche and psychoid with Songlines of the Soul, where Veronica’s work has driven a tap root down into this soul nourishing realm.”

—Monika Wikman Ph.D. Jungian analyst and author of Pregnant Darkness: Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness

“Veronica Goodchild’s book Songlines of the Soul is the first book I know that speaks of the deeply emotionally touching and transmuting aspect of UFO phenomena. As she writes, every UFO encounter and ‘abduction’ is a call for initiation into the reality of the subtle body phenomenon neither explainable by natural science nor superficial psychology. We need a completely new worldview based on the reality of the unus mundus (C.G. Jung) or psychophysical reality (Wolfgang Pauli) to understand such phenomena. Today, in more and more people, this new worldview is constellated. To me, this is a great hope for our world in danger of being extinguished by our completely destructive behaviour.”

—Remo F. Roth, Author of Return of the World Soul (2011/2012).

“Veronica is [what I call] a reliable Witness. I learned about this term from a Catholic prelate at a conference in San Marino in April 1999, who reported that the Vatican takes UFO phenomena seriously because there are so many reliable Witnesses. The Church relies on this notion when evaluating miracles. The Witness is in a sacred tradition. The Zen master too speaks of the Witness as having a clarity of mind, is not attached to what they are saying, and a purity of expression. I feel my role is Witness to the Witnesses, helping to give them voice, asserting their reliability, giving them a chance to be heard, because they bring something of extraordinary importance to the culture, because they are receiving information from whatever source this phenomenon emanates from that says: human beings have to change; we have to open our consciousness, and stop the destructive path we are on. Veronica is such a Witness.”

—Dr. John Mack, Harvard psychiatrist, researcher of extraordinary experiences, and author of Passport to the Cosmos